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Cupping therapy has been used for centuries in different cultures, not only in Chinese medicine. Cupping aims to affect various pain conditions and other disorders as well. Cupping is an alternative to acupuncture needle treatments if you prefer not to be treated with acupuncture needles.

Outcomes of cupping therapy

Cupping TherapyThe following are possible outcomes of cupping therapy, used alone or as an adjunct to your acupuncture treatment:

  1. Increased blood circulation to the areas where cups are applied

  2. Reduction of congested blood that causes pain

  3. Reduction of pain, helping to relax stiff and sore muscles

  4. Detoxifying: pulling cellular waste to the surface in order for the lymph system to manage it and help it leave the body.

What does cupping therapy treat?

Cupping therapy may treat conditions related to the following categories:

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