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Diet and Lifestyle Guidance

Wondering about healthy alternatives to foods that are high in fat and sugar?

Is your diet causing negative health states?

Feeling like you need to make changes to your diet choices?

Diet and lifestyle and two major factors to consider in relation to your quality of life and health in everyday living. As the basic fuel for our bodies, our food and drink choices are key in determining our energy levels, sleeping patterns, ability to deal with stress, appearance, digestion, longevity, daily mood and motivation.

Diet Lifestyle Guidance NoosaMy treatment includes dietary, nutritional and lifestyle guidance in addition to acupuncture and Chinese herbs to help you achieve your health goals. By adding or excluding certain foods, chemicals, beverages, supplements, etc, you can decide to make changes to benefit your everyday health for your future years. The choices you make now will have an affect on your body later, especially poor choices such as high amounts of sugar, fats, lack of vegetables and foods high in beneficial vitamins and amino acids. Every body is different, therefore recommendations vary according to your body and tendencies.

Drastic changes in diet can prove to be overwhelming and difficult to maintain for longer periods of time. Changes in diet may be made gradually as you start to implement new ways of cooking and choosing foods at the store. If you prefer these changes to be gradual adjustments in your daily life, you can make small goals if needed.

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