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What is moxibustion used for?

What is moxibustion?

Acupuncture and Moxibustion Therapy in NoosaMoxibustion, commonly called "moxa", is an external heat treatment applied alone or in conjunction with acupuncture to assist with pain management and prevent health conditions. This technique is used in attempt to enhance the affects of acupuncture treatments through deep penetration of heat into the tissues of the body.

Moxa has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine to assist in with stubborn musculoskeletal pains, sports injuries, arthritis, chronic pain, and stubborn pain conditions. It can also serve as a treatment for you if you have difficulty tolerating acupuncture needle treatments.

What herb is used in moxibustion treatments?

Moxa utilizes the Chinese herb Artemisia Mugwort, a type of Chrysanthemum. The leaf of the Artemisia is bitter, pungent and considered to be thermal and warming in nature. This herb is dried, aged and processed in order to be used by your acupuncturist. Moxa can also be used as part of a decoction of your Chinese herbal formula. Medical historians report that moxibustion pre-dates acupuncture, and the use of acupuncture needles came later as a supplement to the moxibustion treatments.

How does moxibustion work?

Moxa treatments warm regions of the body and specific acupuncture points. Just as heat in the natural environment induces higher kinetic energy which creates motion, moxa introduces heat into the body and may stimulate circulation to those regions and acupuncture points.

What are the different forms of moxibustion therapy?

There are different methods of moxa: directly applied on the skin, rolled up and placed on the acupuncture needle or using a stick of moxa. A stick can be hovered over the desired area depending on the condition being treated, warming the area to assist in relieving muscle tension. You are also able to utilize this treatment at home for personal use in between your acupuncture sessions, as prescribed.


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