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Acupuncture and Women's Health

Chinese medicine may benefit different issues related to women's health and may assist with supporting the hormonal system, assisting with regulation of the menstrual cycle, and addressing fertility and menopausal symptoms. The way your body handles your menstrual cycle phases can determine the quality and regularity of your periods and fertility. These factors are taken into consideraton in determining the best course of treatment for you and your health goals.

Common women's health issues addressed with acupuncture and Chinese herbs:

Acupuncture and Fertility, Chinese Herbs and Fertility

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are popular forms of Complementary Alternative Medicine in the treatment of fertility in men and women. In Chinese medicine there are various reasons why women struggle with falling pregnant, therefore Chinese medicine uses multiple approaches depending on the individual and their struggles. A holistic philosophy is used to carefully collect a symptom list with your medical, fertility and menstrual history. The phases of a woman's menstrual cycle are carefully recorded via questioning and Basal Body Temperature charting. Important changes during your menstruation are also recorded in order to gain a better understanding of your period pattern (ovulation and quantity/quality of cervical mucus). Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are used to with the aim of regulating your menstrual cycle and to support you through the phases of your fertility plan and menstruation.

Acupuncture and IUI, Acupuncture and IVF

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs may be used for assisting in the regulation of your menstrual cycle, stress reduction, hormone balancing and other conditions that hinder the process of becoming pregnant. Contact me for a consult regarding using acupuncture and herbs in your fertility plan.

When do I start acupuncture during the IVF process?

Ideally, three months prior to starting your IVF or IUI cycles. Weekly acupuncture and/or Chinese herbal treatments are used to help prepare your body to receive the fertility treatments while you are in the most optimal health possible. During these three months the phases of your menstrual cycle is recorded and treated accordingly.

Although three months of preparation with acupuncture and the IVF process is ideal, acupuncture may still be able to support you during any stage of your fertility plan prior to your IVF cycle. Often women will seek acupuncture during their two week waiting period to help calm the body and mind, and also for their pre and post embryo transfer.

Acupuncture and Labour Induction

Acupuncture and Pregnancy Labour InductionAcupuncture may be used to help encourage the induction of labour if you are passed your schedule time frame, or if you want to pro actively help encourage the circulation of the body before labour. Specific acupuncture points are used, ones that are are known to invigorate circulation in your body. This may help the beginning of the downward movement you need in the late stage of pregnancy. Acupuncture needles are used along with a gentle electric stimulation to certain areas. Women often report a sense of well-being and calm after these treatments. Results from the treatment can begin from twenty four to forty eight hours after the treatment is performed. Talk with your doctor or midwife about getting the approval to start alternative labour induction treatments.

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Acupuncture for Menopause

Acupuncture treatments attempt to affect the hormonal system in women experiencing menopausal symptoms. A treatment plan will be made based on the type of symptoms you are experiencing and which ones are the most prominent in your body. Chinese herbal medicine prescriptions will be given in conjunction with acupuncture with a goal to help regulate the body's experience of heat, emotional fluctuations and other symptoms as you pass through your menopausal time. Do you get sweats during the day more than night? What are your particular symptoms?

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Acupuncture for Menstruation

Many girls starting their period are given the birth control pill to regulate their cycle and quality of their period. This method may help control their symptoms but does not necessarily treat the cause of their problem. Acupuncture aims to look at the reason your menstrual cycle is not in balance. Treatment focuses on the phases of your cycle and the cause of irregularity to assist in regulating your cycle and symptoms. An in depth questioning will determine the course of your treatment and potential outcomes will be discussed.

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Acupuncture for Facial Rejuvenation

Acupuncture is a natural alternative to potentially harmful chemical facial injections and is becoming more popular in the treatment of dull and aging skin.

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